Welcome to the home of this Evangelical, Prophetic, Healing & Deliverance Ministry. HLM believes in preaching the gospel to every living being, not just in a structural building, but outside the four walls of the church. Hilly Leon Ministries is a non denominational Christian ministry located in Chesapeake, Virginia. The ministry was founded and Established in 2012 by our senior leader and founder, Prophetess Dr. Hilly Mason-Leon. We don’t just look for those who are saved, but we look for those who are lost and needs to be found. Our main goal and vision is to “Win Souls to Christ”.

The mission of Hilly Leon Ministries is to fulfill the commission that the Lord Jesus Christ gave to his followers, to go into the world and make disciples of all people. Our purpose is to preach the gospel beyond the four walls of the church and to bring the lost to know the lord Jesus Christ. In addition, Hilly Leon Ministries is also here to encourage those who are already believers, to remain believers.

Are you saved?

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