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Hilly Leon was born and raised in the Caribbean, on the Island of Dominica and the US Virgin Islands (St.Thomas). Hilly was raised in a loving Christian home, where she was taught the principles of Christianity and what God expects of his children. At the tender age of 5, she gave her life to Christ and at age 10 she was baptized. By age 13, Hilly knew she had a gift in prophetic ministry as she would have visions and dreams and deliver them appropriately.

Through the years, this anointed woman of God, has been through a series of testing and trials, with illness and other events in her life. In 2006, Hilly’s sister was diagnosed with Cervical cancer and it was then, that she answered the call of God on her life to Health care Ministry.

In 2008 she began to Evangelize in her local community of Virginia Beach, and then branched out globally. Hilly has been called to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ not only in the United States, but to the Americas and countries around the world. This woman of God is an evangelist of Christ, a leader, and no matter the environment, she is not afraid to speak to others about Jesus.

Prophetess Dr. Hilly Leon is the founder and senior leader of Hilly Leon ministries, a non-denominational ministry located in Chesapeake, VA. This ministry houses Evangelism and prophetic ministries along with other ministries. In 2014 Women of Purpose ministries was birthed and evolved out of a seed, that every woman deserves a second chance. As a woman who’s been through and has endured issues in her life Dr. Hilly Leon is here to help many, as God is leading her. In late 2015 Evangelism Portal was birthed out to help others evangelize the world. Dr. Hilly Leon, is not only about talking, but she’s also about demonstrating. This woman of God is obedient to the voice and every command set forth by the father, and is out to preach the word, and help many to find healing and deliverance as set forth by God.


Prophetess Dr. Hilly M. Leon

Prophetess Dr. Hilly M. Leon, has achieved ministerial education/training on the Masters and doctorate level where she currently holds a Doctorate in Divinity. In addition, she is licensed and ordained, to be the woman of God that she is today. Hilly Currently resides in Chesapeake, VA with her husband of 17 years, Mr. Darrell Leon, along with her daughter and son.